C H A N G I N G  t h e  C H A R I T Y  P A R A D I G M
A  D Y N A M I C  H A L F  D A YW O R K S H O P

To schedule a workshop, please contact  shawn@fcsministries.org

To schedule a workshop, please contact shawn@fcsministries.org

Charity Detox: The Blog began as an online forum to help leaders implement new and healthier models of charity. We are excited to announce the next stage in this important project...

Charity Detox: The Workshop! This event is a four-hour, interactive, research-based, practical workshop led by the founder & facilitator of CharityDetox.com, Dr. Shawn Duncan. The workshop takes the research, interviews, and stories that have gone into CharityDetox.com and distills it into some of the best on-the-ground practices for detoxifying the charity programs of your church or organization.  




What are the primary takeaway for participants in the Charity Detox Workshop?

The lessons learned from the Charity Detox Workshop will continue to frame our community’s conversations and it equipped us with better tools to engage mission and ministry in meaningful ways. 
— Courtney Allen, Missions Pastor, First Baptist Dalton
  • An overview off the principles of responsible vs. toxic charity
  • An awareness of key components in changing the way charity is practiced
  • An understanding of the best next steps for your organization 

What can I expect from the Charity Detox Workshop?

  • Charity Detox is set up to take place as a three-hour workshop format*
  • This workshop is highly interactive, with
    • Leadership exercises
    • Brain teasers
    • Guided dialogue
    • Experiment design
    • Stories of best practices and common pitfalls

What about location and cost for the Charity Detox Workshop?

  • You can come to us or we can come to you! 
  • Travel and number of sessions* will effect cost. Contact us today to learn more: shawn@fcsministries.org

*If the audience is not familiar with some the foundational principles of healthy charity - books like Toxic Charity, When Helping Hurts, etc. - additional session(s) are necessary.