Charity Detox is a
learning community of churches, organizations & leaders moving toward more responsible charity. 

The work of FCS Urban Ministries as well as Bob Lupton's books have been changing the charity conversation around the world. Many have realized that the way we engage under-resourced neighbors and communities must change. The challenge, though, is in knowing how to navigate change! That is why this community is here - to create a open source resource for the work of detoxifying charity.

Be a part of the change by sharing your stories and questions and interacting with what others share. This is a community of helpers helping one another in the challenging journey from toxic to responsible charity. 

Who's Behind This?

As an open source forum, practitioners like yourself from all over the country - beginners and veterans alike - are the ones guiding this conversation and leading the movement.

Dr. Shawn Duncan curates the content of Charity Detox. Shawn is the Director of Training and Education for FCS Urban Ministries. Shawn is also the Co-Founder of EIRO, an organization helping local churches participate more fully in the mission of God in their neighborhood.

FCS offers workshops, consulting services and other opportunities for you to discover more about community development and smart charity.



What is the Goal of Charity Detox?

There are two goals for this online resource. In the short term, it aims to create a community of support and learning for practitioners who are on the ground making moves towards responsible charity. Eventually, the learning that takes place here will help us produce a practical, hands-on field guide for guiding leaders and organizations from toxic to responsible charity.


Three Ways to Join the Movement 

1. Host one of the Charity Detox Workshops. Highly interactive, dynamic, and focused on moving your ministry toward the changes it needs to make to practice more responsible models of charity. 

2. Share Your Story or Question with the Detox Community - People need to hear how you are trying to detoxify your work. This is not a movement of easy answers, it is a movement of innovative experiments. So, please share whatever you are learning!

3. Interact On Our Blog - Read and respond to what others share. Our collective, hard-won wisdom on this topic will benefit us all. If someone shares a story or question you identify with, let them know. Offer encouragement, advice, or a question to help them process.

“By changing the [charity] equation...we find that we are empowering people based on shared responsibility, mutual support, and accountability.”
— Bob Lupton

Point Five in Dr. Lupton’s “Oath for Compassionate Service” says:
”Listen closely to those you seek to help, especially to what is not being said - unspoken feelings may contain essential clues to effective service.”
— See Chapter Eight in "Toxic Charity"